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Why Choose AIG for Specialty Insurance?

AIG offers New Zealand businesses a broad range of Specialty insurance products through the strength of our global network.

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AIG Specialty Insurance Solutions

From individual light aircraft to satellites and spacecraft, AIG has been dedicated to the insurance and risk management needs of the aerospace industry for over 65 years, with a proven track record of product innovation.

The worlds of energy and construction are highly complex and specialised. We believe it takes the same degree of specialisation to properly address the insurance and risk management needs of businesses that operate within them.  We offer a deep industry understanding, plus superior loss control capabilities, responsive claims handling, and substantial capacity to help your business to face any challenge or opportunity with confidence.

Environmental exposures have been amplified by a tougher social and legal environment in New Zealand. Although businesses may not have changed, their liabilities may have. Environmental insurance provides customers with the broad coverage they need to adequately protect their business from the continuously changing environmental landscape.

With Global Risk Solutions (GRS), we develop innovative, customised solutions to unconventional or complex risks that are either not addressed or addressed inefficiently by traditional insurance or financial markets.

Flexible, tailored marine insurance for importers, exporters, distributors and manufacturers, vessel charterers/operators, inland marine and marine operations worldwide. Our global network spans more than 100 countries, making AIG a truly global marine insurer for a truly global industry.

With a focus on large credit lines we have the underwriting expertise, capacity, and global reach to customise a surety bond precisely for you.

For over 35 years, we’ve helped companies increase their sales and manage their working capital by giving them the confidence and flexibility to pursue new opportunities while safeguarding against the impact of buyer default.