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Comprehensive management liability insurance for small to medium-sized New Zealand businesses.

Why Choose AIG PrivateEdge?

The misconception that privately held companies do not need management liability insurance can be financially devastating to companies and their executives if they are faced with legal action.

PrivateEdge is designed to give small to medium-sized New Zealand businesses the same market-leading protection as large corporations, with essential cover across a broad range of management liability exposures. 

The AIG Advantage

AIG PrivateEdge Solutions

PrivateEdge is designed to provide cover for a wide range of management liability exposures:

  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability: protections for the key decision makers against claims of wrongful management.
  • Corporate Liability: Protection for the business from claims of wrongful management, plus coverage for the accidental death of a director, internet liability and PR costs to prevent damage to or restore business reputation in the event of a crisis.
  • Employment Practices Liability (optional): protects the business from claims for wrongful dismissal or discrimination by past and present employee, customers or suppliers.
  • Statutory Liability (optional): covers individuals and the business for costs associated with the unintentional breach of a New Zealand statute, including fines and penalties if these are insured.
  • Employers’ Liability: covers personal injury not covered by ACC that is sustained by an employee during the course of their employment.
  • Crime (optional): protects the business from losses related to fraudulent or dishonest activities carried out by employees or outside third parties.
  • General Liability: protection for any legal liability arising from claims relating to bodily injury or property damage
  • Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity (NEW): protection against third party claims for financial loss resulting from a breach of duty, misleading or deceptive conduct, infringement and defamation
  • Cyber Liability (NEW): protection against claims for breaches of data security, personal and corporate information, contamination of third party data and denial of access
  • Tax Audit and Review (NEW): cover for costs associated with a qualified accountant preparing a response to an IRD tax audit or review notice
  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (NEW): provides cover for reimbursement of ransom payments and response consultants engaged to manage a kidnap, hijack or extortion event
  • Liability Consequential Loss (NEW): covers subsequent financial loss resulting from an indemnified claim made under the General Liability, Statutory Liability or Employers’ Liability sections
  • Costs and Expenses Solution: allows for the advance of defense costs in the event a Section 9 charge for potential compensation.

Other Additional Benefits

  • Crisis Event: protects the company against financial losses resulting from a wide range of crises, with PR assistance to rebuild brand reputation.
  • Accidental Executive Death: covers financial losses brought about by the accidental death of a key executive.
  • Superannuation Trustees Liability (optional): Cover for the trustees of superannuation plans against third party claims.

PrivateEdge is designed for small to medium-sized unlisted companies in New Zealand across most industries, including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and professional services.

Larger or public companies, or financial institutions looking for management liability cover should consider Gold Complete.