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Casualty Insurance

Comprehensive, flexible liability coverage with world-wide jurisdiction.

Why Choose AIG for Casualty Insurance?

As they carry out their day-to-day operations, companies must also ensure the safety of their customers and the general public.  In today's increasingly litigious world, businesses face a greater risk of being held liable for accidents and events that cause injury to third parties, or damage to their property.

We offer tailored insurance solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, protecting company profits and reputation while looking after your customers and other third parties should the unexpected happen.

AIG Casualty Solutions

Covers the costs of legal fees and compensation resulting from an accident or injury caused by business products or activities, ensuring that the injured party receives fair compensation without putting the business at risk.

Innovative crisis management solutions that enable clients to grow their business with confidence, safe in the knowledge that product recall strategies are in place, plans are tested and potential financial losses are appropriately covered.