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Crisis Solution

In the face of evolving global security threats, AIG is here to provide support for businesses and individuals through insurance and risk consultancy expertise.

Why Choose AIG for Crisis Solution

We provide a holistic crisis management solution that identifies and mitigates risks to employees before they occur, as well as delivering a best in class response service and broad insurance cover – to keep your business in business and your people safe and secure.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Crisis Solutions

Access to Response Consultants

Clients have access to consultants at our specialist global response partner Crisis24, with the following advantages:

  • World leading recruitment; experienced professionals working to the highest possible standards
  • Global operating model: consultants based strategically across 16 global locations
  • Flexible crisis deployment: up to four consultants deployed upon notification of an incident
  • Proven and tested expertise: established in 1990

Financial Reimbursement

In the event of an incident, AIG will reimburse the following:

  • Ransom and ransom lost in transit
  • Legal liabilities
  • Personal accident benefits
  • Additional expenses: (including but not limited to) travel, medical and security expenses

The market for Crisis Solution cover is extensive. It is suitable for organisations of all sizes where their employees are exposed to some degree of ‘people risk’.

We will look to provide solutions for all industry types, however, Crisis Solution is particularly relevant for businesses within:

  • Multinationals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Energy and Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Maritime

Crisis Solution (Family)
Coverage protects against incidents of kidnap, extortion, hijack, disappearance and detention as well as assaults and intimidation to individuals and property. It is supported by a risk prevention package designed to provide help and advice around all matters of personal security.

Core Insurance Coverage

There are 8 principle perils at the centre of a Crisis Solution policy