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AIG Japan launches "Diversity is Strength" Campaign

Date Article was Published 04.24.2018

Diversity is a Core Value at AIG.

AIG Japan launches “Diversity is Strength” Campaign

Campaign includes a new online movie filmed in Japan featuring the New Zealand All Blacks and Black Ferns Rugby Teams

AIG Japan Holdings KK (AIG Japan) today launched a new campaign, “Diversity is Strength” to promote the importance of diversity.

The Diversity is Strength campaign will focus on raising awareness of a range of topics including cultural diversity, gender diversity, disability inclusion, and sexual diversity. Diversity is Strength is the first stage of AIG Japan’s Project Zero, a new initiative aiming to actively address key social issues.

To mark the launch of the Diversity is Strength campaign, AIG Japan has released a special movie filmed in Osaka featuring the All Blacks and Black Ferns, the world champion men’s and women’s New Zealand national rugby teams. New Zealand Rugby is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion and both teams deliver a strong Diversity is Strength message while attributing the importance of diversity as playing a part in their success at the highest levels of international rugby over time.

The Diversity is Strength campaign is based on the concept that all the diverse colors of the rainbow come together to form the color black. The movie and advertising features the players in a modified jersey made from a special fabric, United Black, that reveals rainbow colors when stretched. 

The Diversity is Strength campaign also features a striking series of portraits of celebrities and champions of diversity alongside the All Blacks and Black Ferns players.  


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