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AIG Kaikoura Earthquake Response

Date Article was Published 11.14.2016

AIG Kaikoura Earthquake Response

Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake - 15km north-east of Culverden

Monday November 14, 2016, 12:02:56 am.

A powerful earthquake rocked New Zealand early Monday morning, rattling buildings and triggering a tsunami that forced coastal residents to flee to higher ground. Buildings shook in the capital of Wellington, 220km from the epicentre.

The Pacific-Australia plate boundary region in northern South Island has a history of large earthquakes both along the plate boundary proper and distributed around the plate boundary internal to the Australia and Pacific plates.  New Zealand lies in the seismically active "Ring of Fire", a 40,000 kilometre arc of volcanoes and oceanic trenches that partly encircles the Pacific Ocean. Around 90 percent of the world's earthquakes occur within this region.  Because of the complexity of this plate boundary region, strain is being accommodated on many different structures of varying orientations, making it possible that more than one fault may be activated in this earthquake sequence.

AIG Earthquake Response

AIG understands that people and businesses affected by the earthquake and aftershocks are experiencing difficult times and will be finding themselves in challenging situations both physically and emotionally.  We are here to support our brokers and customers through these difficult times.

It is important that your first priority is the safety and security of your people and property. 

We recommend that you take photos of the damage, prior to any clean up, to support your insurance claim.

AIG customers with earthquake damage should contact their insurance broker in the first instance.  If you are having difficulty contacting your broker please email us on or call +64 9 355 3100.

Your broker will be able to assist you with any policy enquiries and will notify AIG of any potential claim.  AIG will appoint an assessor, if their expertise is required.  The assessor will contact you and your broker to better understand your situation and provide assistance including an inspection of your property if required.

We encourage you to read the AIG Earthquake Checklist that provides some useful tips on  how to Prepare, Protect and Recover.

Body Corporate Customers

AIG’s residential Body Corporate customers with damage to their property should contact their insurance broker in the first instance.  You should also lodge a claim with the EQC. Please refer to the EQC website where you will find useful information and resources to help you.  You have up until 14 February 2017 to lodge an EQC claim.  You can do this by completing an online form or contacting the EQC on 0800 326 243.

Travel Insurance Customers

If you have a travel insurance policy underwritten by AIG and require emergency assistance or advice please telephone our Emergency Assistance helpline (reverse charges will be accepted) +64 9 359 1678.

Underwriting Moratorium on New Business and Renewals

While we take the time to understand the impact of this event, we have put in place a temporary moratorium on any new business, any increase in limits on existing business, or any changes in existing coverage and deductibles, for all locations in the South Island from Timaru north and in the North Island from Napier south. This moratorium, or embargo, is in place until further notice for all Material Damage and Business Interruption, Construction and Engineering policies.  As we continue to focus on our existing customers we regret that all unbound quotes within the embargoed area and issued prior to 14th November are withdrawn unless specific agreement has been confirmed post 14th November.

Continue to check our news page for the latest updates.