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Extended Warranty / Service Programs

Retailers, manufacturers, and credit card providers often face the challenge of how to increase revenue, while improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand recognition. Our range of extended warranty products helps you to boost your profits, whilst our fast, efficient claims service keeps your customers happy when things go wrong.

Partnering with AIG

Flexible, innovative solutions

Mix and match coverage to meet your specific needs and maximise value to your customers. Products can be ‘stand alone’ or included in a loyalty package.

Differentiation through protection

Provide unique benefits at no extra cost to your customers through loyalty programmes, or generate a new source of revenue by offering additional insurance protection.

Simple, valuable cover

Products are low cost and designed to be simple and easy for customers to recognise the key features and benefits.

Exceptional claims handling

Access to our outstanding team of claims specialists to resolve your claims in a fast, professional, and efficient manner.

When you partner with AIG, we put our depth of expertise and capabilities to work for you, building profitable programmes to help you achieve your business goals.

Our warranty products offer numerous benefits to you and your customers:

  • Differentiate your company or products with additional protection, either as a free benefit to loyal customers or earn revenue while providing value to your customers through added insurance protection.
  • Provide consistent consumer experiences after the warranty period expires.
  • Manage unexpected risks associated with existing warranty or service programs.
  • Credit card providers: increase card take up and retention while promoting increased card usage


Extended Warranty: Cover that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, protecting customer purchases if their products fail after the normal warranty period has passed.

Price Protection: Supports your price-sensitive customers by reimbursing any difference between the purchase price paid for an item and a lower printed advertised value for the same item within an agreed time frame, plus an additional 10% of the difference paid.

Purchase Protection: Offers peace of mind for customers should their purchases be stolen or accidentally damaged within 90 days of purchase.

Identity Theft Cover: Offer protection to your customers from the increasing threat of identity theft. The cost of recovering from an identity theft can be considerable; our cover includes legal expenses plus other costs incurred when resolving an identity theft, lost wages for time off work, and tools to help the recovery process, including sample letters to contact financial institutions, collection and law enforcement agencies.

Accidental Damage Cover: Covers you for sudden and unforseen damage, drops or spills, resulting in your covered product no longer performing some or all of the functions for which it was intended.

  • Electrical and furniture retailers, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Financial institutions with direct to customer distribution channels.
  • Any organisation wishing to develop or enhance customer loyalty.


  • Over 20 years’ experience in warranty administration services, representing many of the world’s largest and most respected brands.
  • Full product performance reporting and analysis outlining claims cost per incident
  • Detailed reporting to identify customer usage and help you to refine your business model.