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Aerospace Insurance Solutions from AIG

From individual light aircraft to satellites and spacecraft, AIG has been dedicated to the insurance and risk management needs of the aerospace industry for over 65 years, with a proven track record of product innovation.

Our expertise and experience give us the ability to provide specific insurance solutions for aviation-related risks. We help our clients manage the financial impact of their losses, using the most cost efficient policies whilst also maintaining the security of the hull of the aircraft.

Safety and loss control services

AIG has a global network of over 500 engineers as well as a specialist safety and risk management control team. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have a solid foundation on which to build their own safety programmes, and improve operational risk within their business.

Significant capacity

Market-leading capacity of up to US$850 million for any one occurrence and up to US$100 million for any one aircraft.

Claims commitment

We have experienced claims representatives across the world to give immediate
support. Protecting our customers’ names, reputations and their customer base
is our focus, working quickly and efficiently towards a comprehensive solution.

A trusted partner

Together, AIG Aviation teams insure 80% of the world’s major airlines, airports and manufacturers, along with over 5,000 aircraft each year. We are committed to building a partnership between underwriter, broker, and client for all our relationships.

We offer a range of policies to meet the insurance and risk management needs of airlines, airports, general aviation, and associated activities.

General Aviation

Cost-efficient and comprehensive cover to address private business and pleasure aircraft aviation-related risks.

Aerospace Products Liability

From parts distributors to major aircraft manufacturers, we help our clients safeguard their financial stability as well as their reputation when claims occur.

Airports, grounds handlers, and service providers

We can provide cover for liabilities arising from the operation of airports, private strips, or heliports as well as risks from service providers that operate airside.


We offer individually-designed coverage backed by strong technical expertise and a full understanding of this specialist class.

  • Aerospace product manufacturers, distributors, and maintenance repair and overhaul operations.
  • Airports
  • Business aircraft and corporate fleets
  • Charter / commercial aircraft
  • Domestic and regional airlines
  • Fixed base operators
  • Heliports
  • Modification and repair facilities
  • Space

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