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The retail industry is one of constant change, with cyclical demand, legislation, and environmental factors among the many influencers of overall performance of this hugely varied sector.  The growth of online shopping and competition from international as well as domestic retailers means that businesses must be more astute than ever about the risks they face, and the best strategy to take advantage of the opportunities they meet.

While the environment in which the sector operates continues to change, business goes on regardless. We can help retailers of all sizes protect their assets, people and cash flows. We also offer services that provide support to minimise losses before they occur or in the event of a claim, helping retailers to continue to build their business with confidence.

Discover the Benefits of AIG's experience supporting the Retail Industry.

Corporate Travel

24-hour assistance for employees while overseas on business, as well as protection for businesses for any financial loss caused by serious accidents, illness or delays in travel.

Extended Warranty

Flexible extended warranty products backed by our fast, efficient claims service.

Group Personal Accident

Financial and other assistance for your business, your employees and their families in the event of an employee’s accidental injury or death. Our policies can also be extended to cover loss of income following injury or illness, and respond to a range of other medical events.

Multinational Solutions

Conduct business across borders with confidence with AIG’s unmatched flexibility to provide either local or global policies incorporating special provisions or unique terms and conditions across a breadth of products.

Political Risk

Seize the opportunities presented by the global marketplace with tailored protection from the potential political, financial, and reputational risks of conducting business in overseas markets. AIG provides Political Risk Insurance to help financial institutions and corporate clients mitigate political risks worldwide.


A full-service risk management solution, including loss prevention engineering and comprehensive property insurance, with market-leading capacity of up to US$1.5 billion.

Expat Insurance

Comprehensive protection for organisations, providing peace of mind that expatriate employees and their families are well-covered whilst on overseas assignments.

Gold Complete - Comprehensive Management Liability Insurance

New Zealand’s strongest, most comprehensive management insurance policy. Innovative, flexible cover that recognises the challenges of today, and the opportunities of tomorrow.


A truly global industry needs a truly global insurer. Comprehensive, flexible marine insurance that combines local knowledge with the expertise of our global network to ensure the best possible protection for goods in transit, as well as for the industry’s vital support services.

Package SME Solutions

Flexible multi-line insurance designed to give small and medium-sized New Zealand businesses the confidence of comprehensive, affordable protection.

PrivateEdge - Management Liability for SMEs

Comprehensive liability insurance designed to protect directors and managers of small to medium-sized New Zealand businesses against a broad range of risks, many of which are often overlooked by management.