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The New Zealand aerospace industry plays a vital role in our country’s productivity, tourism and business opportunities. The sector’s operational footprint extends into a wide group of related manufacturing and service suppliers, from aircraft hardware to airport ground operations.

Our remote location means that our reliance on air travel and transportation is likely to grow into the future. However, any growth will not be without challenges, with a focus on security and safety of passengers, and the cost and environmental impact of the use of carbon fuels.

AIG has more than 60 years’ experience servicing and supporting the aerospace sector, so we understand the unique needs of the businesses that operate in this industry. Whether it’s for airport and ground operations, manufacturing and supply, general aviation or international airlines, our deep knowledge of the aviation industry, creativity and tailored solutions help us work with our clients as a strategic partner for all aspects of aviation insurance and risk management.

Products and Services for the Aerospace Industry


Insurance solutions that address the property and liability needs of the diverse aerospace sector, from airports and ground operations to light aircraft, airlines, and satellites. Market-leading capacity with specialist local underwriting capabilities.

Expat Insurance

Comprehensive protection for organisations, providing peace of mind that expatriate employees and their families are well-covered whilst on overseas assignments.

Gold Complete - Comprehensive Management Liability Insurance

New Zealand’s strongest, most comprehensive management insurance policy. Innovative, flexible cover that recognises the challenges of today, and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Multinational Solutions

Conduct business across borders with confidence with AIG’s unmatched flexibility to provide either local or global policies incorporating special provisions or unique terms and conditions across a breadth of products.

Corporate Travel

24-hour assistance for employees while overseas on business, as well as protection for businesses for any financial loss caused by serious accidents, illness or delays in travel.

Global Risk Solutions

Innovative, customised solutions to unconventional or complex risks that are either not addressed or addressed inefficiently by traditional insurance or financial markets.

Group Personal Accident

Financial and other assistance for your business, your employees and their families in the event of an employee’s accidental injury or death. Our policies can also be extended to cover loss of income following injury or illness, and respond to a range of other medical events.