AIG Global Sustainability Statement

Some of the biggest issues facing our world today, like climate change, require the active collaboration of the public sector, the private sector, academia and non-governmental organizations. AIG serves as a trusted advisor to many of these stakeholders around the world based on our technical expertise in analyzing risk. We have an important role to play in addressing these complex challenges.

No two risks are the same. Each risk is unique and different industries and businesses have different risk appetites.  The role of insurance in risk mitigation and underwriting is an opportunity to apply our technical expertise to help manage today’s risks while supporting solutions to pressing societal problems. No two investments are the same. Each investment opportunity presents unique risks and rewards that we carefully analyze. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

Given the complexity of these issues, AIG does not publicly comment on underwriting decisions related to specific projects or specific investments. We are committed to promoting economic growth and sustainable solutions that benefit society today and for future generations.

“From supporting low carbon renewable energy projects, to employing our risk management expertise to help address the impacts of climate change, to providing insurance to the underserved, we are engaged in a variety of sustainability efforts across our global footprint. We believe our continued commitment to sustainability will deliver long-term value to our company, our stakeholders, and to the global community at large."

- Jennifer Waldner, Chief Sustainability Officer

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